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Helen Turier

Being a reflexologist and holistic therapist is an amazing job which I love.  There is no doubt though, that it can be a challenge at times especially during a global pandemic. Over my 14 years of working as a reflexologist, being an Association of Reflexologists (AoR) area group leader and an AoR board member I’ve talked to many of my fellow therapists about the joys and challenges of running our therapy businesses

Here's some of the challenges they have shared with me: 

  • The uncertainty of income levels due to fluctuations in bookings
  • The frustrations of last-minute cancellations or ‘no shows' 
  • The worry about ensuring you are 100% doing the right thing for your clients - to treat or not to treat that is the question
  • Overwhelmed with keeping up with marketing and business admin
  • Suffering from the energy-draining process of COVID secure policies 
  • Feeling lonely and isolated as a self-employed therapist working each day either as a mobile therapist or in your own therapy room
  • After the difficult past few years of COVID there is the added worry about the viability of your businesses if there is another national lockdown. 

All this can take its toll on your mental wellbeing leaving you lonely, anxious, overwhelmed, full of self-doubt, worried and lacking in self-belief and self-confidence. 

In order to be able to thrive as a holistic therapist and reflexologist, we need to be really resilient.

Developing your resilience ensures that:

  • You are able to understand our own mind and body connection better, thereby being more present and congruent for your clients

  • You are able to hold strong kind boundaries that protect both you and your clients and help you manage last minute booking and schedule changes with integrity and clarity

  • You will be confident in your ability to attract and treat clients that match your level of confidence and competence as you grow in experience as a practitioner

  • You will feel connected and supported by a community of like-minded therapists who are as passionate about helping people as you are

  • Come and join the hundreds of therapists who have taken The Resilient Reflexologist course.

Here’s what we cover on this course

Session 1 – The B of BOUNCE is beliefs shape your world

  • Define what resilience is and why it is important skill for therapists to develop 
  • Understand the elements of The BOUNCE Model of Resilience and how your strength in each element affects your personal resilience 
  • Distinguish between empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs and how they hold you back in your business 
  • Explore how your personal beliefs shape your reality and how to use them to create success 
  • Develop an understanding of the power of the subconscious mind on helping you be the best you can be
  • Explore how you cope with change and how to empower yourself through change so you can cope with whatever life throws at you

Session 2 – The O of BOUNCE is optimism creates opportunities 

  • Define optimism and assess your own level of optimism and its impact on your resilience 
  • Develop an understanding of the chemistry of our thinking and relate that to the results that we achieve in our business 
  • Explore how effective goal setting can enhance the results you get both in your personal life and your business 
  • Create your own personal Goal Map to help you achieve the success you deserve

Session 3 - The U of BOUNCE is Who U are choosing to be

  • Explore who you are choosing to be and how that impacts on your resilience as well as the clients you attract to your business. 
  • Analyse where you are on the fixed-growth mindset spectrum and understand the importance of the growth mindset for your professional development 
  • Create a Self-map of how you can grow and develop as a person and a therapist so that you can fulfil your full potential 

Session 4 - The N of BOUNCE is Nurture your mind body and soul

  • Recognise your personal stress triggers, both at home and work
  • Understand the ABC of stress management to helping you cope with life’s stress
  • Gain insight into how managing emotions, developing self-compassion and effective energy management all affect your levels of resilience and ultimately your business
  • Plan and prioritise your personal self-care routine 

Session 5 – The C of BOUNCE is connection and support matter 

  • Understand the brain and how it is wired for connection
  • Explore the dangers of isolation on wellbeing and the challenges we face as reflexologists and holistic therapists 
  • Identify the benefits of connection and support on your mental wellbeing as well as for your business 
  • Develop your personal support list for home and work 

Session 6 – The E of BOUNCE is Enjoy life and evolve as your grow 

  • Explore the science of happiness 
  • Understand how you can self-sabotage your own success and happiness 
  • Learn how to defeat self-sabotage
  • Develop an active practice of gratitude to help grow your resilience 
  • Learn how to use BOUNCE to help yourself keep growing as a resilient practitioner and person 

This course is available straight away for you to work through at your own pace

All sessions are available online for the convenience of home study

Why Home Study?

This allows you to study at your own speed. 

You will absorb information better when you're comfortable and relaxed. 

And it will allow you to accommodate your responsibilities and fit your studies into your life, not the other way around. 

There's no fuss, no commuting, no unnecessary extra costs and the best bit, no stress! 

All the sessions are 90 minutes long. You can stop and start the recording and work through the moments for personal reflection in your own time. 

Each session comes with a full set of course notes to help guide you and support you.

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Your Course Leader

Helen Turier

Hi I'm Helen - The Resilient Reflexologist guiding holistic therapists’ to create a resilient mindset so they can thrive in business and life. As well as being a reflexologist I am a qualified Neurolinguistic programming coach and resilience trainer my mission is to help therapists thrive not just survive in an ever-changing world.

Here's what other course participants have said about this course:

Thank you so much for a wonderful, informative course. I've really enjoyed learning through you and finding new ways to develop my resiliency which has already shifted and changed my life, despite previously feeling I was already very resilient!! I feel I can go forward with my personal and business life with more 'Bounce' and ability! Maria Flanagan 2021

Helen's course is very meticulously planned and delivered, packed with gems, references for further reading, wisdom and science! I took it throughout October/November 2020 and because of the second lockdown, I was able to consolidate my learning. Her BOUNCE theory is very clever and memorable, all of the learning is geared towards the positive rather than languishing in the negative and it ends on such an uplifting note: Enjoy and Evolve. Although the lockdowns were hard, this was a wonderful learning and bonding experience, plus we certainly didn’t have to wait long to test out our new skills! The night before going back to school in March, after a three month cold and miserable hiatus, my 13 year old son was feeling nervous. I talked him through the emotions grid that Helen had taught me on her course shared from the book, Permission to feel, by Marc Brackett. He loved the idea of the different feelings, different moods and different colours: low to high energy and low to high pleasantness (blue to red; blue to green; ultimately yellow). It really helped him pin down what he was feeling and certainly made it less overwhelming. Pippa Tucker-Brown October 2020


I have enjoyed the course; I've struggled a little at times but I think it's a case of resetting habitual thinking patterns and if you've spent 51 years perfecting some unhelpful ones it's not going to change overnight! I feel generally much more equipped to cope with things and the awareness of how and what I'm thinking is helping. Jo October 2020

When I got the information on the Resilient Reflexologist course, I wasn’t sure if it was something that I wanted to do. I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to continue as a reflexologist, however I knew that anything Helen was involved in would be really worthwhile and so I signed up. 

What a great decision. The course was brilliant. We are living through a difficult time which is highlighting all of our insecurities and making it difficult to plan for the future, but this course is the perfect antidote to this. It has given me the confidence to look at myself both as a person and a reflexologist with positivity and compassion. It has enabled me to identify what it is I want out of my life and my reflexology business. It has given me invaluable tools to assess, plan and move forward with hope and conviction.I would recommend this course to anyone – reflexologist, therapist, in fact anyone who is in a caring profession or indeed anyone who lives or works in a challenging environment and is asking themselves what they want and where they want to go in life. The one thing that I will take home is that we are the only constant in this rapidly changing world and that in order to respond to changes with resilience, assurance and optimism we need to understand and look after ourselves. Jan Smith   MAR, CNHC Registered, Clinical Reflexologist and TMW (Tai Chi Movements for Well-being) Trainer

“I signed up for The Resilient Reflexologist hoping to help me find my ‘mojo’ again having lost it during lockdown, But I left with vastly more. I learned what my limiting beliefs about myself and my business are. I learned how to unlock those beliefs and turn them into beliefs that empower me.  I learned how to set goals effectively and how important my mindset is and how to change my negative head chatter into positive affirmations that can move me towards a better headspace.  I’ve changed my mindset about what is possible, and it has already resulted in new clients, and I am sure this will help grow my business.” Course participant Sept 2020 

“Not only was the course both fun and challenging but Helen’s feedback via the Facebook group and Friday Q & As was invaluable. She has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of this course.” Course participant Jan 2021

"Thank you for this. I am finding it extremely positive.  Sometimes you have to remember to face yourself. This course I believe has bought me positivity and affirmation of what I should and can be" Course participant Sept 2020

"I am finding this course invaluable! You are giving us so many tips and techniques. I love that we get a bit of time, so we have a whole week to work through each module." Course Participant Spring 2021

"I love your style of teaching; you are very honest and approachable.  I can see how building my resilience will help my practice " Course participant Jan 2021

 "The you tube videos have been great thanks particularly as I haven’t been able to join live due to work and children. I’ve done a significant amount of life coaching type personal development in the past and I’m enjoying recapping that and learning your different and interesting approach" Course Participant Spring 2021

"This course is not only beneficial for my reflexology work, but it's also having a positive impact on my life in general" Course participant Sept 2020

"I am finding Helen's coaching course really helpful. When I started I felt like I was at a crossroads and unsure of my next steps. I didn't feel like my future was particularly under my control. I felt drained and uninspired. The course has helped me challenge my beliefs and really assess and focus on my priorities both in my professional and private life. I feel uplifted, more resilient and optimistic. Helen's an engaging and motivational coach and I look forward to continuing the journey with her to see what I can achieve" Course participant November 2020

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